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2020/08/21 16:41:28

DFAU Global

                             -----WELCOME TO VISIT

       Established in 2008, DAFU Global is one of the international trade enterprises which penetrate into overseas markets such as Africa and South America at the earliest; Our Group insists on the operational concept of appointing people with merits and advancing with the times. After over ten years of efforts, we now have became a comprehensive transnational industrial group integrated with industry manufacturing, international trade, industrial investment, consultation service, information technology service. We dedicate itself to development and production of special vehicle,construction machinery,argriculture & metal equipment,home appliance, electronics,and so on. Moreover, we also have a marketing network covering more than 20 countries and regions.

       DAFU Global has an operational scale of more than RMB one billion. Since many years, we rank in the front among the top 100 enterprises which have export business in Africa. Our market includes  Ethiopia,Kenya,Tanzania, Zambia,  Uganda, Congo,South Africa,Angola,Nigeria,Togo,Cote d'Ivoire, Mali,Burkina Faso,Senegal, Guinea,Libya, Liberia of Africa  and  Philippines, Jordan, Cambodia, Iraq, Kuwick, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal of Asia, and Colombia, Venezuela, Bahamas,Peru of South America. Depending on its market opportunities and the resource advantages, we closely follows the development strategy of "One Belt One Road", develops the localized manufacturing industry in Africa. We set up production chain integrated with industrial manufacturing, network marketing, strategic purchasing, marine and land transportation and warehouse storage management.
       For many years, DAFU Global has been insisting on human orientation, integrity operation and excellent working environment, normalized enterprise management system and complete staff training system, paying attention to the potential capacity, responsibility sense and challenge spirits of each staff and establishing a high-quality international commerce team with thousands of staff. While adapting to the changing of international operation market rapidly, the Group grasps the business opportunities constantly, wins the trust of customers with constant profits and assumes social responsibilities with sustainable operation and integrity.

       "Making great achievements on the broad world platform". DAFU Global will keep making efforts to write a new chapter. Under the "walking out" policy of China, our Group implements the "One Belt One Road" development strategy, cooperates with people from all nations, continuously reforms to improve the core competition and the operational management capacity to provide better working opportunities and development spaces for all the staff and make progress towards the goal of becoming a famous international comprehensive industrial group!
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